Welcome to Wifi Hifi, an audio and accessories shop located in the Town Square in the heart of downtown Oakville.  We specialize in two-channel audio, wireless audio, turntables, headphones and portable amplifiers.

Brands that we carry include: audeze, Arcam, AKG, Audio-Technica, B&O, cabasse, Cambridge Audio, clearaudio, Devialet Phantom and expert pro, Focal, Harman Kardon, Hifi Man,  JBL, Kanto, Master&Dynamic, monitor audio silver, Naim, psb, Rega, Revel, Sonos,  Teac, Torus Power,  just to name a few. we stock vinyl.




Our goal is to assist you in bringing beautiful sound to your home, office or weekend retreat.  Our starting point is that products must look as good as they sound.

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Pull up a chair! Every product that we have on display is ready for you to hear.  Take your time, ask questions and compare. Our job is to help you find that passion.  Remember when music mattered? Let's get that back.

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