Braven BRV-1M Bluetooth Speaker

Music is a big part of entertainment outdoors in the summer, as well as while you're cozying up inside during the winter. The Braven BRV-1M Bluetooth speaker is waterproof (IPX7-rated), and  able to operate on the beach or by the pool, and even in the sweltering heat. The impact-resistant housing can also withstand bumps and drops. Ideal for cyclists, bikers, snowboarders and hikers, it can be secured onto a surface with integrated tie-down bars and heavy-duty strap. There's also an Action Mount accessory that's compatible with GoPro and other popular sport mounting systems. Listen to music for up to 12 hours per charge, and even recharge your mobile devices through the speaker's 2,200mAh power bank. The built-in noise-cancelling mic means it can also function as a speakerphone for incoming calls.  $149. 

written by Christine Persaud Editor of Wifi Hifi Magazine