Devialet Phantom

Arguably the most beautiful looking audio speaker ever produced with a sound to match.  Owning one Phantom is a treat, however using an optional hub, you can play up to 25 Phantom's at once.  Up to 4500 watts with 0 distortion.  That is not a typo!  This is a speaker system for the individual who values design, seeks the unusual and on occasion doesn't mind playing their music at rock concert level.  The Phantom starts at $2,700 and goes to $4,000.  The company just opened a stand-alone boutique in New York City's Soho district.  However, no need to jump on a plane, we have all models in stock.  We offer a trial period.  Buy the Phantom, take it home and if you are not fully happy, simply return it. (By the way, no one ever brings them back!)