Teac TN-400S Turntable

The TN-400S has just arrived in the shop and is the model that replaces the incredibly popular and well reviewed TN-300.  Call me old school, but if you are going to have a turntable it has to look stylish and TEAC nails it every time in the looks department.  What has changed with the 400S is an all new motor assembly, phono and line level outputs and integrated digital conversion with built-in USB output.  I have just unboxed the Walnut edition, and this beauty sounds as great as she looks.  This is a brand new item - limited supply so pop in and have a listen before they are gone.  $599.99

Master & Dynamic In-ear Audiophile Headphones

You know what we hear every day of the week?  Folks coming in complaining that the cable on their cheap earbuds has come loose and crackles.  Well, of course they crackle and have come loose - the old adage you get what you pay for is alive and well in the world of in-ear headphones!

We have chosen to carry Master & Dynamic in-ear headphones firstly because they sound great, secondly because they are comfortable and thirdly, they have a fantastic build quality using materials like solid brass and 8mm titanium-coated dynamic drivers.  Plus they are based in NYC so you know that they have a bit of an edge.  Prices range from $170 to $270.  Kinda cool to be wearing something that not everyone else has!

Cambridge Audio YoYo

So we all know Bluetooth speakers are pretty much everywhere, so how do you pick one over the other?  A good place to start is by paying attention to who is actually building the speaker!  Cambridge Audio hasn't cut a corner in over four decades and their brand new YoYo line delivers exactly the sound and craftsmanship  you'd expect from a Cambridge product.  Designed by Hi-Fi engineers and wrapped in 100% worsted wool from renowned Yorkshire weavers Marton Mills.  Long battery life, great colours, the ability to use the speaker for phone calls - Cambridge as usual, has not skimmed anywhere.  How they have managed to create this speaker and keep the price at $249.99 is absolutely shocking.  We have blue, green and grey in stock.  This is a brand new release.

Devialet Phantom

Arguably the most beautiful looking audio speaker ever produced with a sound to match.  Owning one Phantom is a treat, however using an optional hub, you can play up to 25 Phantom's at once.  Up to 4500 watts with 0 distortion.  That is not a typo!  This is a speaker system for the individual who values design, seeks the unusual and on occasion doesn't mind playing their music at rock concert level.  The Phantom starts at $2,700 and goes to $4,000.  The company just opened a stand-alone boutique in New York City's Soho district.  However, no need to jump on a plane, we have all models in stock.  We offer a trial period.  Buy the Phantom, take it home and if you are not fully happy, simply return it. (By the way, no one ever brings them back!)

Teac HA-P90 Hi-Res Audio on the Go

TEAC's HA-P90 is a high-resolution audio player and headphone amp for audiophiles on the go. A built-in microSD card slot can be loaded with high-resolution audio, up to 192kHz/24-bit or Direct Stream Digital (DSD) at 2.8MHz or 5.6MHz. A high-end Burr Brown PCM1795 converter plays audio from the card, USB input or from iOS or Android portable devices.

Audio electronics include Burr Brown OPA1602 SoundPLUS op amps, dual sample clocks for 44.1k and 48k multiples, discrete electronics and push-pull circuitry. A 170mW + 170mW headphone out is one of the highest-power amps available, and drives loads from 8 to 600 ohms. The HA-P90SD supports WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, DSF and DFF files, either from the internal card or using the free TEAC HR Audio Player app for iOS and Android devices.

All of this great-sounding audio is housed in a robust all-aluminum chassis, available in either red or black. With flexible audio format support – including DSD – and a powerful headphone amplifier, TEAC’s HA-P90SD is the ultimate portable player for discerning listeners.  We have both red and black units in stock and we have priced them at $585.00 

Master & Dynamic MH40

The Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Headphones are designed to be the ultimate modern hi-end audio headphone designed to inspire, and transport your mind. That could only be written by a company that is based in New York City, where all M&D headphones are designed and sonically tuned.

Designed for decades of use, the MH40 are built with only the finest leathers and metals and tuned to provide a rich, warm sound in what the company calls a “form-meets-function” aesthetic. Come in to see the full line of Master & Dynamic headphones.  All hand built, all with their own series number.  This is where function and beauty merge.  Prices start at $169 up to $789